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First Aid for Parents/Guardians

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First Aid for Parents/Guardians

If a child has an airway obstruction but is coughing effectively you should

Deliver 5 back blows
Encourage them to cough
Deliver 5 abdominal thrusts

If you suspect a child has ingested a corrosive substance and they can swallow you should

Give them small sips of milk or water
Do not let them drink anything
Encourage them to be sick

Which of these is a possible trigger of anaphylactic shock?

Diary Products
All of these

If a child has hit their head, which of these signs would make you suspect they might be suffering from concussion?

Confusion and levels of consciousness continue to worsen
No loss of consciousness, child continues to play
Loss of consciousness for a short period, after which the levels of response improve

If a child has a foreign object embedded up their nose you should

Try to remove it using tweezers and if you are unsuccessful, seek medical treatment
Leave it where it is and seek medical treatment
Ask the casualty to try to remove it themselves

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