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Purchase an AED

Purchase an AED

We are the only supplier of Zoll® AEDs in the region. Contact us to discuss your purchase.


OFFER 2018-19

Purchase a Zoll® AED from Norvic Training and we will include a free training session for up to 12 of your staff members on the use of this unit.

Why should you have a defibrillator?

Using a defibrillator as soon as possible can save a life. The chance of a victim of cardic arrest surviving the incident falls by roughly 10 % for each minute that passes without the use of a defibrillator.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) is keen stress how important CPR is to the survival  of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. It is recognised that performing CPR  becomes very difficult over a prolonged period of time. These issues have been addressed by the manufacturers of the Zoll AED Plus® . This unit incorporates the technology that Zoll® calls Real CPR Help®.

  • Voice and message prompting helps the rescuer achieve optimal CPR compressions
  • Feedbacks such as PUSH HARDER helps accomplish quality compressions quickly
  • resulting in a reinforcing message, GOOD COMPRESSIONS To minimise CPR idle time
  • CONTINUE CPR is another important reminder 
  • Zoll®


defib distributor

Read more about the Zoll Plus AED® Unit we supply.

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